Great Kismet

You know the feeling you get when you visit a town or city and you feel completely at home like you were meant to live there? Berkeley Springs, West Virginia is that town for me.  Last weekend, I took a little road trip to the historic spa town of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia to attend the Uniquely West Virginia Wine and Food Festival hosted by the Ice House Community Center and Gallery. I expected to sample, offered by over a dozen vendors, great West Virginia wine and food and I wasn’t disappointed. Where wine and food make an appearance locally, in West Virginia and Virginia, I’m usually there.  What I didn’t expect on that chilly Saturday was meeting and making contact with three awesome women- local award-winning writer, Jeanne Mozier, Joyce Morningstar Barron, owner of Star Eagle Studio & Gardens in Berkeley Springs, and Lynn Lavin, owner of the Carrot Patch Pottery also in town. These women have already enriched my life, as author, artist and alternative health practitioner in many wonderful and mysterious ways.

Writer, Jeanne Mozier is the author of Way Out in West Virginia,  the novel Senate Magic, Images of Berkeley Springs: Historic Photos, and West Virginia Beauty: Familiar and Rare, a coffee table book with photographer Steve Shaluta.  What I later learned about Jeanne is that in addition to her earned degrees in political science from Cornell and Columbia universities, she also reads Tarot cards, gives astrology and palm readings, and she is the founder of Morgan Arts Council. This is a woman I want to get to know better.

I had a great chat with this fun lady who graciously invited me to share my historical novel, A Decent Woman, out in June 2014, and to offer a short talk on reviewing books at the Berkeley Springs Bookfest  on June 14. I was thrilled!

As one radio host characterized Jeanne: “Ivy League educated, CIA indoctrinated, West Virginia marinated.” It’s a potent combination that makes for fun reading what Jeanne writes.

From Jeanne’s Goodreads page:

Jeanne has practiced astrology for more than 40 years using it to analyze and project social and political trends as well as applying astrological insight to individual lives. A “full service oracle” she also consults tarot cards, Nordic runes and reads palms. She lectures widely delivering annual Oracles talks.

Currently, Jeanne lives with her husband in the historic spa town of Berkeley Springs, WV where they own and operate the Star Theatre, a vintage movie house. A noted social entrepreneur and popular writer, Jeanne has accumulated many honors and awards in her years of creating an enclave for all things and people with a slightly different perspective. 

I thank my lucky stars that I met author, Oracle and all-around fun lady, Jeanne Mozier, on Saturday! I’m excited to read my autographed copy of her book, Images of Berkeley Springs: Historic Photos. I invite you to discover this talented author and  her adopted hometown of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. I would move to Berkeley Springs in a heartbeat and might just see about selling my house in order to move to this artsy town!

I will be contacting Morningstar about the 16th Annual Festival of Light Psychic Fair and Alternative Health Expo in Berkeley Springs to be held on November 8 and 9, and Lynne about an exhibit she is currently planning for July. Ya gotta love synchronicity and kismet!



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