Ellie’s Update On Her Summer Book Launch, Reviews and Kind Critiques

What a week! I say that with a big smile, mind you. I hope you’re having a terrific week and that all is well in your world.

I’m learning a lot more about myself in regard to my Summer book launch of my historical fiction novel, A Decent Woman. Mostly, I’ve learned how I deal with new pressures, new information (mostly technical) and what I must do to control stress and pressure. I’m also growing thicker skin for the book launch.Yesterday,Β I read two author’s accounts of hateful reviews they received after their book launch and that has stuck in my mind. It happens. I follow Bambi’s mother’s advice – If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all. If you don’t like the book you’re reviewing or reading, for goodness sake, put it down and pick up another book!

Now, I’m one tough cookie. My friends will tell you that about me. Like everyone on this planet, I’ve had my share of heartache, tragedy and loss. At one point in my life, my friends called me the female Job as in the Bible Job. What didn’t happen to me during a two year period. Well, I didn’t die which was great and my children were safe and healthy, but it was a very rough time in our lives. Β I wouldn’t say that I’m stoic, either. We’ve all had our moments and I’m not immune to a little crying jag every now and then and have leaned on the sturdy shoulders of good friends and family recently. I’m very fortunate to have a great support system!

My intimate support group will rally with me when my book comes out. I know and love them well. And if one (hopefully, only one!) approaches me to say that they couldn’t get through my book, c’est la vie! To each his or her own. All authors need to hear the truth, BUT BE KIND. When you write a book and launch it into the world, you are introducing the world into your small world. Small in that writers are usually pretty solitary folks who spend thousands of hours alone in their head with their books and characters. With my book launch, the doors and windows will be flung wide open for reviews, critiques, and comments-positive and negative. I’m preparing myself and just pray that the positive outweighs the negative! If I do receive a nastygram, I hope it’s constructive criticism and on point. I’m okay with that. This is my debut novel and although I want my book to be perfect, that is impossible. I’ve written the best novel with what I’ve learned thus far and continue to learn to write better prose every day. All writers improve with more experience and practice, right?

So today my emotions have run the gamut from happy to anxious to excited to self-doubt and back to happy. I have a gazillion things to do to prepare for my book launch of A DECENT WOMAN this summer and my list keeps growing. I’m not complaining, mind you. I realize that much of the promotion and marketing of a book falls on the author and Book Manager. And I’m fortunate to have a super Book Manager. Hey, if anyone points me in a new direction for marketing my book, I’m there. This morning, two friends sent me emails about online book clubs and I’m all over that, too. I am grateful for each and every piece information, advice, suggestion and ideas, people! Feel free to contact me πŸ™‚ Any time.

I’m a list maker from way back and cannot function well without one. My author list of things to do is long and many things are new to me. I’ve decided to break down my list by week. I have to. I need bite-size pieces of information, please. I bought a huge calendar that has helped me keep track of author interview dates and future book reviews for my blog. This is my list for this week and the next:

Make corrections and additions to my website which is under construction at this time. That first impression is vital and so is the second!

Have a professional photograph taken for website, blog and media kit.

Find a venue for my Summer book launch party in Northern Virginia. I’m thinking a winery πŸ™‚

Send out invites for the fantastic book launch party.

Order enough books for my guests who attend the book launch party.

Contact friends and family to join my book launch team as readers, reviewers and cheerleaders of the advance reader copy (ARC) of my novel. This is in bold because if you would like to be a part of my Β launch team, please contact me!

I will be sending out email invitations and will post it on my Facebook Author Page, as well. I would love to have you! THANK YOU!!

Continue doing my social media bit on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, ReadWave, LinkedIn, Pinterest and groups that I’m a member of.

Learn what WATTPAD can do for me.

Continue checking Part 1 of my novel for typos and mistakes and wait patiently for my editor to send Part 2 of her edits.

Contact authors whose blurbs and reviews I would love to include on the book cover and in the book. I’ve already contacted four awesome authors who I respect and admire very much. Two more emails to write to two more awesome authors. If you are a praying person, please do πŸ™‚ Thanks!

The last item on my list was to create an official Author Page on Facebook. I figured it out last night and that was exciting! This morning, I had 65 beautiful LIKES. My smile was huge! This has helped keep me focused on my readers and my book at this dizzy, wonderful, and exciting time in my life.

I’m taking Saturday and Sunday off from all book stuff to drive to Northern Virginia to spend the weekend with my beautiful children before my son departs for Europe on May 7. We are having a family dinner at a great restaurant in Arlington and I’ve promised not to cry…too.much.

SO, please join me on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/eleanorparkersapiaΒ  (If the link doesn’t work, my apologies and please let me know)

Press that nice LIKE button and make me happy!

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Thanks in advance! I wish you a wonderful Thursday.



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Puerto Rican-born, Eleanor Parker Sapia is the author of the award-winning, historical novel, A DECENT WOMAN, published by Sixth Street River Press. The book is a Finalist in the 2016 International Latino Book Award with Latino Literacy Now, and was Book of the Month with Las Comadres and Friends National Latino Book Club. She is featured in the award-winning anthology, Latino Authors and Their Muses, edited by Mayra Calvani. Eleanor is currently working on her second book, The Laments, set in 1927 Puerto Rico. Eleanor is a writer, artist, photographer, and blogger, who is never without a pen, notebook, and her camera. Her wonderful adult children are doing wonderful things in the world, which allows Eleanor the blessing of writing full time. http://amzn.to/1X0qFvK Please visit Eleanor at her website: http://www.eleanorparkersapia.com

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  1. Your blog post makes me remember the first time I launched a book. My advice to you is don’t feel pressured to do absolutely everything all at once. I did and the result was an almost total melt-down. Do only what you’re comfortable with and try to relax. I love your painting by the way. Absolutely gorgeous – Jan

    1. Hi Jan! Thanks for your kind words and your visit. Your advice is spot-on! I feel as if I’m being pulled in a dozen directions and I’m trying to relax and enjoy the moment. As soon as I relax a bit, however, I’m putting out another fire! Ha ha! I’m glad you love the book cover πŸ™‚ Thanks again. Ellie

    1. Thank you, stickman! What a nice surprise πŸ™‚ I hope you are well. I will visit your blog soon!
      Please feel free to pass along my blog info to T.com friends if you’re still on the site. I’ve lost touch with Boots and Eunie,
      and would love to reconnect with them and many more! Thanks again!

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