The Best Laid Plan

I had a great plan this month that fizzled out. Has that ever happened to you? You have a well-thought out plan, you’re committed to this plan, and make every attempt to make this plan happen…and then, it doesn’t happen. It can’t happen. The thing that has caused you to throw your hands up in despair is valid and important–a family crisis. You can’t see your way through, and certainly must be present to support your loving family. I hate giving up; it’s not in my DNA, but this month? I gave up for my sanity, and it was the right thing to do for my family.

My plan was to participate in NaNoWriMo 2015 and finish my second novel. I signed up, created my page, and had two very successful writing days, and then, life happened. Normally, I’m not easily deterred from writing and journaling every day. I may not have huge blocks of time every day to write, but I take advantage of the time I have. I’m a fan of writing after 9 pm, especially when the house and neighborhood is quiet, but that didn’t work this time. On Sunday, I drove to support my family in Virginia. When I arrived, I realized this wasn’t an easy fix, and there was no denying I’d done the right thing in driving down. If I’m anything, I’m loyal to my family to a fault. We shall see what comes of this situation. It will be what it will be.

On a positive note, driving to Northern Virginia put me closer to my destination that week–Pennsylvania. On Tuesday, I met my fabulous editor, Ally, who accompanied me to my first ever book reading at the famous KGB Bar in New York City on Wednesday evening. Historical Fiction Night was hosted by the equally fabulous Monique, founder of At The Inkwell, and the readings were fantastic! I read last, which was great because I had a small case of nerves, but I needn’t have worried. It was a wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to read again. At the end of the evening, I enjoyed chatting with the other historical fiction authors: Rachel Kambury, George Lerner, and Kimberly Elkins, and many lovely people who came up to me with kind words and questions about the book launch of A Decent Woman this winter.

So, last week was a mixed bag of blessings, but I’m moving forward with final edits this weekend. Many of my lovely beta readers have emailed their catches, comments and suggestions, and I’m working on them now. The reviews for A Decent Woman are simply amazing, and that is very good news! I’m grateful and thankful for the time and attention my advanced readers have given my book–a precious gift to an author.

I wish you a wonderful weekend!





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Eleanor Parker Sapia

Puerto Rican-born, Eleanor Parker Sapia is the author of the award-winning, historical novel, A DECENT WOMAN, published by Sixth Street River Press. The book is a Finalist in the 2016 International Latino Book Award with Latino Literacy Now, and was Book of the Month with Las Comadres and Friends National Latino Book Club. She is featured in the award-winning anthology, Latino Authors and Their Muses, edited by Mayra Calvani. Eleanor is currently working on her second book, The Laments, set in 1927 Puerto Rico. Eleanor is a writer, artist, photographer, and blogger, who is never without a pen, notebook, and her camera. Her wonderful adult children are doing wonderful things in the world, which allows Eleanor the blessing of writing full time. Please visit Eleanor at her website:

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  1. Hey Ellie, so far this month hasn’t gone according to plan for me either. Ah well. A while bag I offered to be a beta reader and to host you on my blog – offer still on the table! Jan

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