What Happens When You Forget Your Password….

Always, always, write your password down. Don’t rely on your memory or your current laptop to remember it. My red laptop remembered it well enough and when it decided to call it quits, I was out of luck.

I relied on my red laptop to always work for me. I would fire it up and presto, my blog popped up with my password.  My new black laptop is great, but it was never introduced to my old blog:

Eleanor Parker – The Writing Life on Blogger

So, after three years of blogging on Blogger, I’m now at Word Press.

For three years, I blogged about the writing life and my life as a writer. Now, I’m an author. My historical fiction, A Decent Woman, was accepted for publication by Booktrope and I am thrilled. This is a new world for me and it is fitting that I begin my new blog on Word Press at this time. Timing is everything, you know?

Welcome to my world and please bear with me as I learn the ropes on this awesome site!

Ellie xo