Pre-order now! TIGHT KNOTS. LOOSE THREADS. Poetry, 4/29/2021

April 9, 2021

Good morning!

What a brilliant day to share exciting book news!

Today, my debut collection of poems titled TIGHT KNOTS. LOOSE THREADS. Poetry is available for e-book pre-order on Amazon!

The AMAZON release day for the paperback and Kindle version is 4/29/2021!

Here is a review from a very kind advanced reader:

Tight Knots. Loose Threads. captivated me from the start. In each poem, we hear the clear, distinct voice of a woman experiencing and contemplating the complex nature of love and relationships. Life and love will always remain delicious, often in heartbreaking mysteries. Eleanor Parker Sapia understands that and shares her truth with disarming honesty and impeccable language.

Mary Hogan, author of It Doesn’t Have To Be That WayLeaving the Beach, and Living by Ear

How thrilling to see my first poetry book on my Amazon Author Page alongside my first novel, A DECENT WOMAN, both published by Winter Goose Publishing. Thank you to Winter Goose Publishing for taking a chance on my collection of poems.

What possessed me to publish this intimate collection of poems? Why now?

Are all the poems about me?

When did I write the poems?

Am I worried this collection of love poems — some sensual, a few erotic — will alienate my readers?

Will I shock readers?

Where do I find poetic inspiration?

Will I publish another collection in the future?

For the answers to these questions, tune in!

I’ll tackle these relevant questions in more April blog posts. The first one will drop tomorrow!

I truly hope you’ll take advantage of the e-book pre-order sale price of TIGHT KNOTS. LOOSE THREADS.

And if you enjoy my debut collection of poems, please don’t forget to post an honest review on Amazon. Many thanks in advance. Book reviews are pure gold to authors.

Be well and get your vaccine.

Eleanor x


Puerto Rican-born Eleanor Parker Sapia is the recipient of two International Latino Book Awards for her historical novel, A Decent Woman, set in 1900 Puerto Rico. Eleanor is a novelist, poet, artist, and she facilitates creativity workshops designed for women. Eleanor is writing her next historical novel, The Laments, set in 1926 Puerto Rico.

Stay Home and Read FREE eBooks!

March 31, 2020

Good morning to you. I hope you are well.

To show love to our readers and offer art during this challenging time, my publisher, Winter Goose Publishing, is offering their entire eBook catalog on Kindle for FREE on Amazon from Tuesday 3//31 to Saturday 4/4.

You can download the Kindle app for almost every device!

Get all your WGP books, including mine, today.

** For some reason, Amazon didn’t carry over the 89 book reviews, so if you’re interested in reading them beforehand, please check out the paperback version on Amazon.

A Decent Woman Flat (1)


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Be safe, stay home, and happy reading!

Eleanor x



Pre-order A Decent Woman!

A Decent Woman Flat (1)

Dear Friends and Readers,

I have some long-awaited and exciting book news to share – the Kindle edition of my newly-edited novel, A DECENT WOMAN, is available for pre-order today! The Amazon release day for both the Kindle edition and the paperback with the new cover is March 20, 2019!

In the past, you might have seen two other covers of this book on Amazon, and that’s because this is the third printing. Yes, it happens in the book world. I imagine this is what it feels like to send a child off into the world, only to have them return home…twice before. Smile. #shepersisted

So technically, I’m not a debut author, but it sure feels like it with this newly-edited book. The story has not changed, by the way, and in my humble opinion, it’s a better read. What a treat, what a gift, and what a journey. #shepersevered

A big thank you to Jessica Kristie and Winter Goose Publishing for putting my first novel back in reader’s hands, where it belongs. A special thank you to my sister, an ace proofreader, whom I owe dinner and drinks in Puerto Rico when we travel back to nuestra isla querida this summer.

From January 2019 to a few days ago, I read the manuscript, from page one to the end, eight times. I read, edited, and rewrote until my weary eyes went blurry and added a surprise wedding suggested by a lovely reviewer, thank you!

I never thought I’d say this, but thank goodness for this long winter that has kept me focused and out of the flower and vegetable gardens.

A Decent Woman Flat (1)

I’m grateful to my family, friends, and to readers, who embraced Ana, her lifelong friend Serafina, and the cast of characters of A Decent Woman, which garnered two literary awards at the 2016 and 2017 International Latino Book Awards. I couldn’t be happier that local and national book clubs chose the book and that readers continue to share their love of Ana’s story with their family and friends, and with me.

Now I buckle down to finish my second novel, The Laments, set in 1927 Old San Juan and Isla de Cabras, Puerto Rico. The characters, Sister Inmaculada, Fray Ignacio, Doctor White, and the tiny community at the leprosarium on Isla de Cabras are more than ready to be presented to readers. I hope to finish the book later this year.

For those who’ve kindly asked, there is a sequel to A Decent Woman; it’s called Mistress of Coffee. The story continues in the mountains of Jayuya and in Ponce, Puerto Rico and will include events that led to the Ponce Massacre, which occurred on Palm Sunday, 1937. I am ten chapters in. #neverbored

Muchísimas gracias for your continued support and friendship!

Eleanor Parker Sapia



Puerto Rican-born Eleanor Parker Sapia is the author of the multi-award-winning historical novel, A Decent Woman, published by Winter Goose Publishing. Her best-selling debut novel, set in turn of the century Ponce, Puerto Rico, garnered Second Place for Best Latino Focused Fiction Book, English, at the 2017 International Latino Book Award with Latino Literacy Now. The book was awarded an Honorable Mention for Best Historical Fiction, English, at the 2016 International Latino Book Awards with Latino Literacy Now. A Decent Woman was selected as a Book of the Month by Las Comadres and Friends National Latino Book Club in 2015, and Eleanor is proud to be featured in the anthology, Latina Authors and Their Muses, edited by Mayra Calvani.

A writer, artist, and poet, Eleanor is currently working on her second novel, The Laments, set in 1926 Puerto Rico.

When Eleanor is not writing, she tends her garden, travels, reads, and tells herself she will walk El Camino de Santiago a second time. Eleanor is the mother of two amazing, adult children and she lives in her adopted state of West Virginia.