Has Mercury in Retrograde Left the Building?

So, Mercury came out of retrograde on July 1, 2014.  I was happy to hear this because June was a tough month for almost everyone I know, including me. Delays, challenges, problems, and a little bit of chaos flavored June. I don’t read my horoscope on a daily basis and I know next to nothing about astrology, but Mercury in retrograde got my attention. I wanted it to leave and never return.

By July 1, I was ready for peace of mind, a bit more tranquility, and some forward movement in many areas, but Mercury was dragging its heels and not going out gracefully. On Tuesday afternoon, my small city in West Virginia saw some of the worst winds, sheets of rain, and long-lasting thunder and lightning we’ve experienced this year. I sent a text to my neighbor asking if we were in a tornado watch or warning–it was that bad. My Pug and Chihuahua followed me, whining from room to room as I made sure all the windows were closed. They hate thunderstorms. I turned off my laptop, unplugged my phone, and waited for the beast to pass. It lasted an hour. My yard was beyond saturated. I shot a video of water coming from the house behind me, flowing over the retaining wall that resembled a waterfall. It was crazy and kind of cool.

Twenty minutes after that, I watched two enormous branches break off my neighbor’s tree and land in my yard onto my flower beds. My jaw dropped. With thunder and lightning practically over my head, I ran outside and managed to pull the lower branches onto the grass and off my flowers. They survived and so did I. I love my flower garden.

I called the owner of the rental next door informing her that this was the second time her tree had wreaked havoc in my yard. It’s not a sturdy tree, not an oak, maple, nothing like that. It was a weed that grew into a weak tree.  I’d already cut down one such tree in my yard when I bought my house and cut lower branches of her tree that shade my flower garden. In June, we agreed the tree had to go…last month. Nothing happened. As of this writing, I still have two enormous branches killing my grass. Patience, Ellie 🙂

Happy 4th to you! I’m headed to a neighborhood BBQ, and fishing on Saturday!

Have a safe and fun weekend!