World of Ink Chat with Jack Remick, Marsha Casper Cook, and Eleanor Parker Sapia

March 1, 2017

Eleanor will be chatting with novelist/screenwriter and World of Ink host, Marsha Casper Cook, and novelist and short story writer, Jack Remick, about telling a good story on March 1, 2017. Please join us!

Writers At Their Best – Special WOI -Host Marsha Casper Cook

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Please join my friend Marsha Casper Cook on Feb 22 at 4PM EST 3 PM CST 2PM MT 1 PM PST for a very special show about writing. This isn’t about marketing, social media or politics- this is about writing and why authors need to write.

Authors Jack Remick and Dennis Must have learned their craft well. They will be discussing how their lives have changed through writing, and the importance of being the best you can be by telling a good story and making it work.

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